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Who are we ?


And because we don’t like tooting our own horn, here’s a little blurb from a third party:

“A stylish, dynamic duo, these two lovely ladies pair a multitude of talents and bring these to shine at their gorgeous venue. Karin, a fashion stylist and knower and lover of food is no stranger to running with tight timelines and fashion productions and has been privledged to work and run her own restaurant in Henley.

Cindy, previously also from the fashion and advertising industry has in the past and still is today making many brides shine with joy by supplying them with the most gorgeous flower styling for their special day.

In addition, both are currently active in refurbishing and re-styling homes.

Their warm heartedness, style, approachable nature and can-do attitude make them the perfect partners when organising a function of any type. Make a booking to view their gorgeous venue.”

-Natalie Shelton, Wedding Photographer at

What we do ?


We believe that when you do things with passion magic happens! And this is our motto!

Wether for a wedding or family lunch, we’ve got you covered!

A few specs on our venue:

*  large terrace to host lunches, dinners, wedding, in fact any celebration you can bring us.

* Country-style “all taste no fuss” food.

* Conference facility

* Long table lunches with live music

* Wedding ceremony and reception facilities.

* Kiddies parties & birthdays

The Magicians


This is us!

Cindy du Toit & Karin Orzol
Cindy du Toit & Karin Orzol

Managing Members

Duke (The Watch Dog)
Duke (The Watch Dog)

Head of Security

Skye (Undercover Cop)
Skye (Undercover Cop)

Who inspire us ?



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